Polymath Team

Picture 134Through his over 40 years of hands-on experience in many organizational disciplines, coupled with his direct working knowledge and association with key professionals over those years, Bob (Polymath) has assembled a team of professional experts who have demonstrated their capabilities time after time. These professionals are highly qualified consulting team members who are committed to provide the level of service key to the client’s project success and reflective of the level of service and expertise identified with Polymath Consulting Services, L.L.C..

Bob Ulevich
Polymath Consulting Services Founder and Consultant

Robert J. “Bob” Ulevich is the founder of Polymath Consulting Services, L.L.C.. Bob has a wide range of work experiences including over 42 years governmental experience in the State of Florida, several years as an Industrial Engineer for one of the world’s largest steel corporations, and intern work for an International Engineering Firm. Bob’s governmental employment commenced with the Central and South Florida Flood Control District (South Florida Water Management District) in 1972, where he served in numerous program capacities at the divisional and senior project management level until his departure in 2000.

At the SFWMD, in addition to his everyday divisional management roles, Bob also served as program manager for many SFWMD highly visible special projects. Those special program/project management activities were “hands-on” and included direct leadership roles in projects such as the Kissimmee River Valley Restoration, Everglades Restoration, Hurricane disaster recovery-major Hurricane throughout the State; Weather Modification (cloud seeding); other State agency interventions and transitional activities (SJRWMD & FKAA).

Upon his departure from the SFWMD in 2000, , Bob served 14 years as the Administrator (Executive Director) of both the St. Johns Improvement District and the Sebastian River Improvement Districts, located in Indian River County.

Through the demonstrated results over the decades of his project management and leadership skills, Bob is recognized as an innovator and problem solver for some of the more complex matters governing land and water management in the State of Florida. Bob is recognized as the father of the concept referred to as “water farming” and a leading advocate for Indian River Lagoon restoration through the pioneering of a regional water storage attenuation system and the hydraulic reconnection of the SFWMD and the SJRWMD. Bob is recognized for his work on Basin Management Action Plans (BMAP’s), Numeric Nutrient Criteria, Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDL’s) and for his early efforts as a contributor for the development of the Best Management Practices (BMP) Manual governing citrus in the State of Florida.

Bob has been published in technical papers governing his work on environmental restoration and has contributed to graduate level reference books in Human Resource Management. He has also contributed to educational/informational texts relative to team building and development. Bob has been recognized in the Florida Courts as an expert in matters governing land and surface water management.

Bob is active in community matters as well, presently having membership on the SFWMD, Water Resource Advisory Commission (WRAC) and the St. Lucie River Issues Team as an alternate member. He has served on local planning boards, governmental advisory & selection boards/committees, property owners association boards/committees both in Florida and Georgia, PTAs, and The Boy Scouts of America. Bob has also been active in sports coaching and church ministries.

Bob earned an undergraduate degree in math/science with additional undergraduate coursework in business leading to a MBA, as well as graduate studies in agriculture. He has numerous specialized certifications and is a certified management trainer. Bob’s wife’s (Barbara’s) family were early pioneers in Florida, dating back to the 1880-90’s in the West Palm Beach area. As a result Bob has an immense appreciation and respect for those early Florida families who paved the way for future generations of Floridians.

Michael Kendall
Polymath Consulting Services Key Associate

Michael E. “Mike” Kendall is a long-time associate/friend of Bob Ulevich dating back to the early 1970’s. Mike and Bob have been working together for over 40 years, with Mike’s last 14 years’ serving as the Director of Operations and Maintenance for the St. Johns Improvement District. Mike’s experiences at the Flood Control District / South Florida Water Management District and the St. Johns Improvement District, have provided for a wide range of work skills and experiences. Mike is often referred to as the “wizard” for his innovative and common-sense approach to problem solving. His ability to put in place cost effective operational and maintenance actions is not easily matched. His training and work experience covers the range of activities associated with land and water management and special districts and any organization that must operate and maintain a land and water management system. These experiences include but are not limited to all aspects of multiple project management and all operations and maintenance functions associated with program areas such as

  • Equipment: all types including small engines and marine engines
  • Structures
  • Pump Stations
  • Canal /Levee and Right of Way Maintenance
  • Project Planning and Scheduling
  • Project Management
  • Dive Operations including surface supplied systems and dark water activities

Mike is a certified welder/fabricator, diver, and mechanic (in several automotive and heavy equipment disciplines). Mike understands business management and ownership as he owned and operated Kendall’s Marine Service in Okeechobee, Florida for 20 years. Mike was trained in technical schools, has numerous certifications and is an honors graduate of The School of Hard Knocks and Common Sense.