• Assembled professional team to determine feasibility of Dispersed Water Management/Water Farming project in western St. Lucie County. Water Farming project focus will evaluate on-site detention/retention for purposes of water quality; water quantity (alternative water supply/storage) flood control and ground water re-charge. Conceptual project design envisions range of benefits to the Indian River Lagoon. Final land use assembly to include diversified mix of water management; cattle; citrus; recreation and environmental preservation.
  • Targeted area for project analysis is within key historic area where potential re-connection of the SFWMD & SJRWMD is being evaluated.
  • Providing technical assistance to agricultural interests in Belize. Current activities address configuration of pumping systems for shrimp farming and other agricultural needs.
  • Continual client representation before State of Florida Water Management Districts and local Independent Special Districts in a multitude of land and water use applications.
  • Continue to serve as special advisor regarding water and land matters to the Indian River Citrus League with emphasis on areas of dispersed water management / water farming – regional attenuation system ( alternative water supply/storage)
  • Continual advocate for preservation of the Indian River Lagoon estuary system through assorted committee/council participation
  • Ongoing coordination with State representative regarding water farming; alternative water supply & storage in Upper East Coast region (Martin/St. Lucie) of the SFWMD
  • Review of Indian River County Proposed reservoir siting plan.



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