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“Bob Ulevich, President of Polymath Consulting Services L.L.C., was named Chair of the Indian River Lagoon National Estuary Program (IRL-NEP) Management Board by the Management Board membership and confirmed by the IRL Council at their March 18, 2016 Council meeting.


Polymath Update

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Bob Ulevich, Founder and President of Polymath Consulting Services, L.L.C., was recently appointed to the Management Board of the Indian River Lagoon Council as part of the Indian River Lagoon National Estuary Program (IRL-NEP). The United States Congress established the National Estuary Program (NEP) in 1987 and the IRL-NEP was established subsequently in 1990. The IRL-NEP is managed presently by the Indian River Lagoon Council which was established as a Special District of the State of Florida on February 24, 2015.

The members of the IRL Council are elected representatives, County Commissioners, from Brevard; Volusia; St. Lucie and Martin Counties with a fifth elected official member selected by the Collaboration of Cities in Indian River County. A Governing Board member from both the St. Johns River Water Management District and the South Florida Water Management District also serve as IRL Council members. A representative from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection completes the IRL Council membership. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) provides guidance to the Council. The Management Board of which Bob Ulevich was appointed provides guidance and advisory to the IRL Council as well as oversight in concert with the IRL-Councils Scientific, Technical and Education Committee; Finance Committee and Citizen’s Advisory Committee.

For more information in regard to the Indian River Lagoon Council activities please refer to the Council’s website at:


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  • Assembled professional team to determine feasibility of Dispersed Water Management/Water Farming project in western St. Lucie County. Water Farming project focus will evaluate on-site detention/retention for purposes of water quality; water quantity (alternative water supply/storage) flood control and ground water re-charge. Conceptual project design envisions range of benefits to the Indian River Lagoon. Final land use assembly to include diversified mix of water management; cattle; citrus; recreation and environmental preservation.
  • Targeted area for project analysis is within key historic area where potential re-connection of the SFWMD & SJRWMD is being evaluated.
  • Providing technical assistance to agricultural interests in Belize. Current activities address configuration of pumping systems for shrimp farming and other agricultural needs.
  • Continual client representation before State of Florida Water Management Districts and local Independent Special Districts in a multitude of land and water use applications.
  • Continue to serve as special advisor regarding water and land matters to the Indian River Citrus League with emphasis on areas of dispersed water management / water farming – regional attenuation system ( alternative water supply/storage)
  • Continual advocate for preservation of the Indian River Lagoon estuary system through assorted committee/council participation
  • Ongoing coordination with State representative regarding water farming; alternative water supply & storage in Upper East Coast region (Martin/St. Lucie) of the SFWMD
  • Review of Indian River County Proposed reservoir siting plan.